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BE6 - Offshore Renewable Energy Developments

FieldDescriptionValidated Entry
[Table title]Name of monitoring programmeOffshore Renewable Energy Developments
[ProgrammeDescription]Description of the monitoring programmeMonitoring the number, device type, capacity, spatial extent and status of offshore renewable enrgy developments in the OSPAR Regions
[OtherPoliciesConventions]Monitoring for other Union legislation or international agreements that contributes to the programme.OSP-CEMP
[Contracting Parties monitoring]

Which other countries are involved in practical implementation of this monitoring programme, and what is the degree of cooperation.

Coordinated data collection


[Contracting Parties supplying data] BE, DE, DK, ES, FR, IE, NL, NO, PT, SE, UK
[Contracting Parties with an "opt out"]  
[Temporal scope]Start (and end) date of the programme.2004 - 9999
[Spatial scope]Spatial coverage of the programme according to the jurisdictional zones of marine waters.EEZ (or similar, e.g. Contiguous Zone, Fishing Zone, Ecological Protection Zone)
[Aggregation of Data]At which scale can the data from the sub-programme be aggregated for environmental assessments?Subregion, Region
[MarineReportingUnit]Area(s) where the programme takes place.marineSubregion

[Monitoring Purpose]

Purpose of the programme aimed at collecting data and information.Pressures in the marine environment
[MonitoringType]Type of monitoring (in-situ, remote sensing, etc.).Other
[Indicator Metric]Feature(s) monitored (ecosystem components, pressures, activities).ActivProdEnerRenew
[Elements]Element(s) monitored (e.g. species, habitats, contaminants). 
[Element Monitored] Physical Loss
[Parameter Measured]Parameter(s) monitored.OTH
[Monitoring Guidelines/Monitoring Method in place]Guidelines/protocols describing the method for monitoring.OTH
[MonitoringMethodOther]Guidelines/protocols describing the method for monitoring.

Explanatory Notes to the Reporting Format for the OSPAR Database on Offshore Renewable Energy Developments (OSPAR Agreement 2018-03)

[Quality Assurance Procedures in Place]In addition to a specified method, is there any additional Quality Assurance used?National
[Quality Control]What type of Quality Control is used?DelayedValidation
[Data submission Frequency (and deadline)]Frequency of the monitoringYearly
[Applicable MSFD GES Criteria]Indicator(s) to which the programme contributes.NotRelevant
[Data Depository]Link to where monitoring data can be accessed (Art. 19(3)
[Data Custodian] OSPAR
[Assessment Guidelines]  
[Assessment tools available]  
[Nature of data] Unprocessed
BE6 - Offshore Renewable Energy Developments