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BE8 - Litter ingested by sea turtles

FieldDescriptionValidated Entry
[Table title]Name of monitoring programmeLitter ingested by sea turtles
[ProgrammeDescription]Description of the monitoring programmeTrends in the amount and composition of litter ingested by marine animals, based on  the collection of standard data on ingested litter (dry mass  and number of pieces  > 1 mm), in necropsied loggerhead turtles
[OtherPoliciesConventions]Monitoring for other Union legislation or international agreements that contributes to the programme.OSP-CEMP
[Contracting Parties monitoring]

Which other countries are involved in practical implementation of this monitoring programme, and what is the degree of cooperation.

Coordinated data collection (delivered separately by each country)
[Contracting Parties supplying data] FR, ES, PT,
[Contracting Parties with an "opt out"]  
[Temporal scope]Start (and end) date of the programme.2019 - 9999
[Spatial scope]Spatial coverage of the programme according to the jurisdictional zones of marine waters.EEZ (or similar, e.g. Contiguous Zone, Fishing Zone, Ecological Protection Zone)
[Aggregation of Data]At which scale can the data from the sub-programme be aggregated for environmental assessments?Sub-region
[MarineReportingUnit]Area(s) where the programme takes place.marineSubregion

[Monitoring Purpose]

Purpose of the programme aimed at collecting data and information.Pressures in the marine environment
[MonitoringType]Type of monitoring (in-situ, remote sensing, etc.).Other (necropsies from Stranded animals)
[Indicator Metric]Feature(s) monitored (ecosystem components, pressures, activities).PresEnvLitterSpp
[Elements]Element(s) monitored (e.g. species, habitats, contaminants).Artificial polymer materials
Other materials
Caretta caretta
Chelonia mydas
Dermochelys coriacea
[Element Monitored] Ingested marine Litter (micro/meso/macro)
Individual body condition
[Parameter Measured]Parameter(s) monitored.AMO-B
[Monitoring Guidelines/Monitoring Method in place]Guidelines/protocols describing the method for monitoring.OTH
[MonitoringMethodOther]Guidelines/protocols describing the method for monitoring.Guideline for Monitoring Marine Litter ingested by sea turtle (MSFD TG ML, 2013)
INDICIT protocol, 2018, to be integrated in MSFD TG ML’s guideline (update in progress, to be agreed by OSPAR)
[Quality Assurance Procedures in Place]In addition to a specified method, is there any additional Quality Assurance used? 
[Quality Control]What type of Quality Control is used?Real time and delayed
[Data submission Frequency (and deadline)]Frequency of the monitoringYearly
[Applicable MSFD GES Criteria]Indicator(s) to which the programme contributes.D10C3
[Data Depository]Link to where monitoring data can be accessed (Art. 19(3) 
[Data Custodian]  
[Assessment Guidelines] Guideline for Monitoring Marine Litter ingested by sea turtle (MSFD TG ML, 2013)
INDICIT protocol, 2018, to be integrated in MSFD TG ML’s guideline (update 2019/2020); OSPAR agreement to be updated
[Assessment tools available]

[Nature of data] Processed
BE8 - Litter ingested by sea turtles