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Discharges, Spills and Emissions from Offshore Oil and Gas Installations in 2018

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Executive Summary

Regular   reporting   is   required   in   order   to   review   progress   in   implementing   the   North‐East   Atlantic   Environment Strategy and OSPAR measures (decisions, recommendations and other agreements) related to offshore oil and gas activities.

This  report  presents  the  discharges,  spills  and  emissions  from  offshore  installations  in  2018.  Part  A  of  the  report compiles data on the number of installations with emissions and discharges, discharges of produced water  and  displacement  water  contaminated  with  oil,  and  the  use  and  discharge  of  drilling  fluids,  cuttings  and  chemicals.  It  also  reports  on  accidental  spills  of  oil  and  chemicals  and  emissions  to  air.  Part  B  of  the  report presents the discharges and emissions over the period 2007‐2018 to  show  the  trends  in  discharges  and emissions and use of chemicals.

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