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Annual report and assessment of discharges of radionuclides from the non-nuclear sectors in 2020

Data are available on ODIMS via:

Executive Summary

Annual data collection by OSPAR on discharges from the non-nuclear sector has only been taking place since 2006 (collecting data from 2005). Due to the incompleteness of datasets, no data were published until 2009.

RSC 2004 agreed that Contracting Parties should report the discharges from their non-nuclear sub-sectors annually using the agreed reporting template. The data for 2020 have been reported in accordance with the Revised Reporting Procedures for Discharges of Radioactive Substances from Non-Nuclear Sectors. Data have been collected since 2005. A number of Contracting Parties (CPs) have provided non-nuclear discharge data for 2019: 7 out of 7 Contracting Parties reported for oil/gas; 8 Contracting Parties reported on their university and research; and 7 Contracting Parties reported on their medical sector.

Full Report