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Please Note: This is an archived snapshot of the latest published version: 1.0.0 Click here for the most recent published version


The OSPAR Assessment Portal (OAP) is a platform with a range of functions, for accessing OSPAR's assessments.

Each assessment is fully traceable from input data through to final assessment products, as the data and information underpinning OSPAR’s assessments can be linked via OSPAR's Data and Information Management System . This allows  the assessment to be viewed, interrogated and repeated. Also included on each assessment page are standardised, assessment specific metadata.

OAP provides a range of functions, including interactive charts and embedded maps which creates an interactive experience for the user. There is the functionality that allows cross-referencing of submissions to OAP via ‘Related Pages’, so any pages where the content could be useful to the assessment as supplementary information can be linked.

The built-in Version Control system allows changes to be made to pages without losing original content. If amendments are made, a new version of the same information are uploaded on top, creating a second/third/… version whilst still archiving the initial versions so that any direct references to these versions remain active. This allows references to independent versions to be made irrespective of if further changes are made to the dataset/information. 

The assessments presented on OAP include: Intermediate Assessment 2017 (including Common Indicator Assessments as sub-chapters), Committee Assessments , the Quality Status Report 2000 , 2010 and 2023 . The Coordinated Environmental Monitoring Programme Appendices are presented in OAP to increase their accessibility and make use of the built-in version control system that will allow Contracting Parties to refer to a specific version of the table in their national consultations without older versions expiring. Furthermore, a Resource Catalogue that includes a section on Guidance , Enumeration Tables and Glossaries is presented.