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OSPAR Database on Offshore Wind-farms - 2013

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The use of any renewable energy source makes a significant contribution towards climate protection and towards placing our energy supply on a sustainable ecological footing, thereby helping to conserve the natural balance. Nevertheless, the utilisation of renewable sources of energy can also have an adverse impact on the environment and our natural resources. Since 2001, OSPAR and its Biodiversity Committee (BDC) have been noting that the offshore wind energy sector has been rapidly expanding in the OSPAR maritime area.

In order to better understand the situation and to help authorities to manage potential conflicting objectives and the expanding use of these offshore installations in an ecologically sustainable way, OSPAR agreed on a programme of work on the environmental impact of offshore wind-farms.

As part of this programme of work on wind-farms, OSPAR has produced the OSPAR Database on Offshore Wind-farms, which constitutes an inventory of all planned (under application), authorised, refused, operational, out of service and decommissioned wind-farms installations under the jurisdiction of the OSPAR Contracting Parties.

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The OSPAR Database on Offshore Wind-farms provides to the public information, for each offshore installation, regarding (1) its name, (2) location, (3) distance from the coast, (4) number of wind turbines, (5) current status, (6) capacity in MW, (7) foundations type, (8) water depth, (9) height, (10) environmental impact information and (11) additional remarks.

Details of the location and status of offshore renewable energy developments in the OSPAR region. Available via